Wild Fire Mesh Catsuit by Bond-Eye

Piece by Bond-Eye Wild Fire Mesh Catsuit

Wild Fire Mesh Catsuit by Bond-Eye


Bond-Eye has eagerly released this delicate piece. This is a gorgeous mesh swimsuit from bond-eye, perfect for this summer. Currently being sold for just $139.95, this elegant piece offers awesome value for money. Also featuring stunning high neck design. Zip up centre back. Beautiful black mesh at back with a stunning black lace overlay on front, adding a touch of femininity. Catsuit provides fantastic all over coverage. Sold in a great range of sizes.

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Wild Fire Mesh Catsuit Highlights

Material 94% Nylon/6% Elastane
Design Code BW1059LA
Colors Black
Ladies or Gents Ladies
Body Type Hourglass Shape
Apple Shape
Diamond Shape
Pear Shape
Bust Suitability B/C Cup
Fastener Nil
Padding No Padding
Made in China
Bust Support Nil