Skins Womens A400 Shorts

 by Skins Skins Womens A400 Shorts

Skins Womens A400 Shorts by Skins


Skins has bravely announced this sexy compression. Currently being sold for just $99.99, this reliable compression offers mind blowing value for money.

Skins Womens A400 Shorts
Are you looking for something short and slick that still packs the necessary compression to support your glutes? Our SKINS A400 Women’s Shorts have been designed to improve your performance while keeping you comfortable in the process
You want technology? Our ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot while our dynamic gradient compression helps increase circulation and get more oxygen to your hard working muscles. The result? Better performance and a reduced chance of injury!
You want comfort? We’ve widened our waistband and lowered the rise so that our A400 Women’s Shorts sit perfectly on your hips for maximum comfort. In addition, our A-Seams are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching as well as being more comfortable and more durable.
You wanna be seen? Our 360-degree reflectivity ensures that you are seen in low light conditions allowing you to get those early morning and late evening runs in without the stress of other road users not seeing you.
Keen for a run and not sure what to do with your house keys? Don’t worry we’ve added a new easily accessible waistband pocket. That’s right, we’re always thinking.
Combine these shorts with any of the women’s A400 tops for your ideal running and fitness set!
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