Skins Mens A400 Power Shorts

 by Skins Skins Mens A400 Power Shorts

Skins Mens A400 Power Shorts by Skins


Skins has daringly announced this sexy compression tights. Currently being sold for just $119.99, this reliable compression tights offers great value for money.

Skins Mens A400 Power Shorts
Is your team counting on you to kick the winning goal or slide over for the match winning try?
Then don’t leave anything to chance and boost your performance with our SKINS A400 Power Shorts! The compression in our A400 Men’s Power Shorts enables you to perform at your personal best while effectively protecting your hip and leg muscles from injury.
Thanks to the 420D Memory MX fabric the compression in the A400 Men’s Power Shorts is almost twice as strong as the standard compression in other SKINS garments. This provides an extremely high degree of stability for your hip joints and offers optimal support for your muscles. If your sport involves extreme and fast movements or fits and starts then you can count on these compression shorts and tackle without hesitation.
The dynamic compression also increases the blood flow and supplies your hard working muscles with additional oxygen. The results are improved performance and shorter recovery periods when wearing these medium long shorts, which are slightly longer than the shorts but a little shorter than the half tights. That means that they conform to the rules and regulations of all big team sports. Thanks to the new ADAPTIVE Technology we have developed a garment that adapts to the temperature of the environment as well as your body.
We’ve also added 360 degree reflectivity so you’ll stand out on every level, in any light. by day it’s sleek looking graphics made from premium reflective glass bead technology. At night, the graphics come alive to make you visible from up to 160 metres away. Now nothing stands in the way of your wholehearted commitment to your team.
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