ISC Youth Compression Short

 by ISC ISC Youth Compression Short

ISC Youth Compression Short by ISC


ISC has eagerly released this reliable compression. Currently being sold for just $59.95, this durable compression offers amazing value for money.

ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION SHORTS – Play harder and recover faster.
Growing muscles are protected by reducing muscle vibration during physical activity. This garment allows for enhanced performance without compromising on comfort. With gradient compression around the quadriceps and hamstrings, ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION SHORTS can increase oxygen rich blood flow to the lower body and accelerate the removal of lactic acid and metabolic waste from the legs. ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION SHORTS can also reduce the risk of soft tissue injury to the hamstring and quadriceps muscles with the added benefit of reduced muscle soreness the next day.
ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION SHORTS are ideal for any sport or activity that may benefit from improved strength, speed, endurance, fatigue resistance and injury prevention.
Examples include:
« All football codes
« Running events (mini triathlons, Athletics)
« Cycling
« Netball
« Basketball
« Tennis

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