ISC Youth Compression Short Sleeve Top

 by ISC ISC Youth Compression Short Sleeve Top

ISC Youth Compression Short Sleeve Top by ISC


ISC has announced this sporty compression. Currently being sold for just $59.95, this reliable compression offers incredible value for money.

ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION SHORT SLEEVE TOP – Play harder and recover faster.
ISC YOUTH COMPRESSION GARMENTS are slightly less compressive than the adult versions to target the needs of young, growing bodies. Comfort, performance and durability are essential. The gradient compression from the neck and chest through to the wrists leads to increased blood delivery to the quickly fatiguing muscles of the arms and shoulders resulting in increased upper body power and stamina. These compressive forces also improve removal of metabolic wastes and acids from the working upper body and core muscles leading to improved endurance and reduced post exercise muscle soreness and fatigue. Reducing muscle vibration, increasing blood flow to the muscle, and raising core body temperature, ISC YOUTH COMPRESSIONS SHORT SLEEVE TOP also reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries.
ISC YOUTH COMPRESSIONS SHORT SLEEVE TOP is ideal for training and competing in any sport or activity that requires strength, power, and endurance of the muscles of the upper body and core.
Examples include:
« Rowing
« Netball
« Cricket
« Tennis
« All football codes
« Basketball

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