ISC Men’s Compression Tight

 by ISC ISC Men's Compression Tight

ISC Men’s Compression Tight by ISC


ISC has released this reliable compression tights. Currently being sold for just $119.95, this sexy compression tights offers great value for money.

ISC MEN’S COMPRESSION PANT – Play harder and recover faster.
With a contoured groin area and bio- dynamic fit around the hips, this garment allows for enhanced performance without compromising on comfort. Additional support through the lower back and gluteus muscles, along with the gradient compression from the hips through to the ankles ensures optimised performance. Compression of the lower limbs assists with optimal running mechanics, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue and improving running performance.
ISC MEN’S COMPRESSION PANTS reduce muscles soreness and fatigue on the days proceeding training.
ISC MEN’S COMPRESSION PANTS are ideal for any sport or activity that may benefit from improved strength, speed, endurance, fatigue resistance and injury prevention in the lower limbs.
Examples include:
« All football codes
« Endurance running events (marathons, triathlons)
« Cycling
« Basketball
« Skiing/Snowboarding

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