Curvy Sensation Dress by Triumph

Dress by Triumph Curvy Sensation Dress

Curvy Sensation Dress by Triumph


Triumph has daringly announced this elegant dress. This is a gorgeous shaping dress from triumph. Currently being sold for just $79.95, this radiant dress offers incredible value for money. Also featuring control fabrics feature to smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps. With a seamless design, you can be sure there won’t be any uncomfortable or scratchy seams digging in. Dress also smoothes out your back for a classic silhouette. Designed specially for sizes 16-24. Sold in two fantastic colours.

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Curvy Sensation Dress Highlights

Material Polyester/ Elastane
Design Code 10150430
Colors Skin
Ladies or Gents Ladies
Compression Level Firm
Target Areas Whole Body
Made in China