Craft Womens Active Extreme Windstopper S/S

 by CRAFT Craft Womens Active Extreme Windstopper S/S

Craft Womens Active Extreme Windstopper S/S by CRAFT


CRAFT has boldly released this functional jackets. Currently being sold for just $99.99, this usable jackets offers incredible value for money.

Craft Womens Active Extreme Windstopper S/S
Active Extreme allows you to perform optimally in all conditions.
BE ACTIVE EXTREME is made of a thin, lightweight and elastic fabric that is channel-stitched with two high-tech polyester fibres. A hexa-channeled fibre against the skin enhances moisture transport, which cools the body down. On the outside, the hollow fibre offers insulation as well as transport of moisture to the next layer to help keep you smelling fresh.
Crafts functional underwear is designed to be worn next to the skin. The structure of the fabrics and the stitching techniques interact to efficiently transport moisture from the skin, through the fabric and distribute it on the outside of the garment, where it either evaporates or is passed to the next layer.
Sweating is the natural thermal regulation mechanism, which prevents the human body from overheating. Crafts functional underwear supports this physiological reaction, enabling you to always perform at an ideal working temperature. For optimal performance and comfort, crafts baselayer should always be worn underneath your outer layers.
Our range of functional underwear consists of three main categories Cool, Zero, Warm each with unique performance characteristics for specific intensities and conditions.
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