CRAFT Sports Bra (A-B cup)

 by CRAFT CRAFT Sports Bra (A-B cup)

CRAFT Sports Bra (A-B cup) by CRAFT


CRAFT has announced this dependable crops. Currently being sold for just $49.99, this dependable crops offers amazing value for money.

CRAFT Sports Bra (A-B cup)
Refined over nearly four decades and engineered to the highest standards, CRAFT’s BASELAYER RANGE is in a league of its own.
With the Sport Specific Bike bra and Sports bra, every woman has the chance to ride or exercise at high intensity with perfect support, optimal comfort and excellent moisture transport in the chest area. Using only the best materials such as the body-controlling fabric used in our XC Olympic Race Suit, Mesh Superlight and a lining with excellent cooling characteristics, we have designed bras for optimal function and performance. The cooling lining has horizontal stretch for freedom of movement but no vertical stretch in order to provide optimal support and body control.
– Body Mapped Cool Mesh Superlight fabric for ventilation
– Sport specific fit for total freedom of movement
– Run specific padded, preshaped shoulder straps
– Body control fabric to keep breasts in place
– Ergonomic mesh edging for comfortable fit
– Bottom elastic for perfect support
– Keeps you fresh during exercise
– UPF 50+
Craft’s functional underwear is designed to be worn next to the skin. The structure of the fabrics and the stitching techniques interact to efficiently transport moisture from the skin, through the fabric and distribute it on the outside of the garment, where it either evaporates or is passed to the next layer. 
Sweating is the natural thermal regulation mechanism, which prevents the human body from overheating. Craft’s functional underwear supports this physiological reaction, enabling you to always perform at an ideal working temperature. For optimal performance and comfort, craft’s baselayer should always be worn underneath your outer layers.
Our range of functional underwear consists of three main categories – Cool, Zero, Warm – each with unique performance characteristics for specific intensities and conditions.
Cool underwear provides a superior cooling effect during workouts in warm conditions.
The garments feature an ergonomic 3D construction that ensures freedom of movement and a perfect fit.
The underwear come in two high-tech fabrics – plain and mesh – both based on the use of a HEXA channeled fiber, a unique construction with six channels that pulls perspiration vapor off the body to keep it cool. 
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