Adidas Tennis Barricade 1/2 Short

 by Adidas Adidas Tennis Barricade 1/2 Short

Adidas Tennis Barricade 1/2 Short by Adidas


Adidas has daringly announced this reliable bottoms. Currently being sold for just $39.95, this sexy bottoms offers mind blowing value for money.

Adidas Tennis Barricade 1/2 Short
Adidas Shorts
The Adidas Tennis Barricade 1/2 Shorts are the ultimate tennis short! Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, these Adidas Barricade shorts are designed to be a performance short which help you serve, volley and overhead smash your way through training and to victory in your biggest matches.
With innovative new cuts from Adidas formotion technology, which is designed to optimize fit and comfort, as well as increase your freedom of movement whilst you bring your A-game on the court.
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About Adidas
Adidas is one of the largest sportswear manufactures in the world. It offers a unique style of athletic wear as well as many accessories to men and women of all ages. Adidas is known for its high quality standards, modern technology and innovative style among there products. Adidas Sports Performance, offers the most functional and best performing sporting products to athletes in all sport. For over 50 years world-class athletes have been relying on adidas to meet their training and competition needs. 

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