2XU Men’s Thermal Compression Tight

 by 2XU 2XU Men's Thermal Compression Tight

2XU Men’s Thermal Compression Tight by 2XU


2XU has daringly announced this sporty compression tights. Currently being sold for just $155.00, this usable compression tights offers awesome value for money.

Don’t compromise with the weather! With the 2XU Men’s Thermal Compression Tights, you will have no excuse to succumb to! 2XU Thermal Compression Tights combine high performance with a softer and warmer feel.
Mens Thermal Compression Tight
The ultimate performance piece for any athlete, 2XU’s Mens Compression Tight delivers powerful, targeted support to the legs to enhance training, game day and recovery afterwards. Engineered with 2XU’s PWX Flex compression fabric in a graduated design, unparalleled streingth is assured in regions demanding it most. To lessen the chance of injury, stability is offered to key muscle including abductors, glutes, quads and hamstrings. With heightened circulation, oxygen and nutrients are delivered more efficiently throughout the body, and lactates removed quicker from the bloodstream. Offering impressive moisture management and flexibility, the 2XU Mens Thermal Compression tights will keep the wearer comfortable and focused on performance.
• Using the same building blocks as our other high performance tights, 2XU Thermal Compression   Tights are engineered using a brushed PWX FLEX fabric for a softer and warmer feel• Greater regulation of your core body temperature to enhance comfort and warmth during in cool climates• High power denier support to hamstrings, quads, abductors, gluts + calves• Reduced muscle damage + fatigue• Graduated fit promotes increased circulation for faster recovery
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2XU (“Two Times You”) was founded in January 2005, and is driven by a relentless company mission to advance human performance through the development of world leading athletic garments. Every piece is designed with the single minded goal of equipping you to feel more prepared, race ready and capable to face any competition.
Perform greater than ever before with 2XU!
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